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Germany has huge demand of overseas innovative engineers, offering starting yearly salary of up to €45,000

Germany has a huge demand for overseas innovative engineers and is offering, starting annual salary of up to €45,000. Owing to the contestant line up of innovations, German firms are thriving greatly in the global export markets. It has thus emerged as an international leader in diverse fields of high-end technology.

Quality manufacturing and sophisticated technology ensure that there is a huge demand for electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, and cars made in Germany. Thousands and thousands of Engineers who work in the production, development, and design are behind this achievement. Thus overseas innovative engineers have a major share in the success story “Made in Germany”.

Biggest demand engineering fields:

Several firms in Germany that are driven by technology have vacancies for innovative engineers. Fresh recruits are required in all sectors. But the most specific fields are electrical, automotive and mechanical engineering. Building engineering also has good prospects…

Salespeople deprived of New Zealand Residence Visas due to MI clause

Several Salespeople working in jobs based on the commission are being deprived of New Zealand Residence Visas owing to the new Minimum Income clause. The earlier government had introduced Minimum Income or MI clause in August. This was done to define jobs that could be classified as skilled occupations.

The MI Clause revised pay per hour to $ 24. 29. Thus the lowest category of Skilled Migrant Visa now has a full-time equivalent of 50, 523 dollars annually. Iranian national Afshin Dejbodi says that he started working as a Salesperson one year ago. His wife is a student of Doctoral studies at the University of Auckland. He qualifies for the New Zealand Residence Visas only after addition of commissions to his income as his base pay is just $ 17. 70.

Afshin Dejbodi explains that INZ does not count the part of his salary incurred as commissions. It is not separate from my salary as I am also taxed for it, he adds, as quoted by the Radionz Co NZ.

Marcelle Foley an Area Manager for Immigr…

Decreasing immigration to the UK will spell disaster for its SMEs

Decreasing immigration to the UK will spell disaster for its Small and Medium Enterprises as they will find it tougher to hire required skilled workers. In 2018 the net Immigration to the UK is likely to decrease to 180, 000.  This will be the closest the government will come to its repeated aim of decreasing immigration by 10s of 1000s.

The decrease in immigration to the UK has been forecasted by Institute of Directors. It says that PM Theresa May will welcome the decreased immigration by 50,000, though she was never able to come any closer to this in her 6 years as Home Secretary. Even in her 18 months of premiership this was unachievable, said the IOD.

However, Businesses in the UK, especially the SMEs will definitely not welcome the decreasing immigration to the UK. The obvious reason is that they will find it tougher to hire workers required for economic prosperity. This will result in enhanced pressure on the labor market said the IOD.

A section of the companies will face press…

MPNP offers LAAs to 155 immigrants to submit an application for Canada Permanent Residency

LAAs to 155 immigrants to apply for Canada Permanent Residency have been offered by Manitoba in the first draw of its latest pathway aligned with Express entry. It was held on 11 January. In this draw Regional Nominee Program, Manitoba offered Letters of counsel to submit an Application for Canada Permanent Residency to 155 qualified candidates. This was through the Manitoba Express Entry pathway.

Candidates who received the LAA through this Express entry aligned pathway of MPNP had minimum scores of 565. This was under the Expression of attention system of Manitoba province, as quoted by the CIC News.

The Express entry aligned pathway draw of MPNP was one of the 3 categories that featured in the 11 January draw. Extra 17 skilled workers received the invite through the Overseas Skilled Worker Stream. 119 applicants in the Manitoba Skilled Worker stream also received the LAAs in the draw. The candidate who was lowest ranked and received the invite had a score of 520.

For receiving an …